Why Do CPAs Affiliate with Amsterdam Consulting Group?

ACG has earned many clients at the recommendation of CPAs who know us. For most business owners, CPAs are the center of influence and we respect that. Professionals with niche expertise seek the advice and services of industry specific partners, in this case, Human Resources.  We guarantee ACG’s performance will garner trust, which in turn, maintains your good standing with your client.  We are THAT good – because we care.


Amsterdam Consulting Group Offers:

Executive Bonus Programs
Tailored insurance programs specifically designed for executives

Excess Medical Programs
Pays for excess medical, dental, vision or prescription claims

Buy/Sell Programs
Should a tragedy occur, Life and Disability products fund buy/sell arrangements

Key Man Programs
Business protection should something happen to a key executive or producer

Employee Benefit Programs
Creative employee benefits help increase morale and productivity; some are no cost to the employer

Plus, ACG provides HR support and outsourcing as well as health reform guidance and assistance.

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