ACG’s Al Marino is Interviewed by the Wall Street Journal

Recently, The Wall Street Journal sought industry experts to comment on the pending closure of
Health Republic Insurance of New York. One of those experts was Amsterdam Consulting Group’s founder and President, Al Marino.

Wall Street Journal writer Corinne Ramey reached-out to Al to get his take on Health Republic’s downfall. Al explained to Corinne, “Health Republic was set-up for failure because their rates were too low to sustain over the long haul.” They also discussed which carrier would likely get Republic’s business in 2016, premium increases, and other details about this hot topic.

Corinne used Al’s insight, and that of others, to develop the article “Health-Insurer Shutdown Jolts N.Y. Marketplace” and inserted a quote from Al.

ACG wanted to share this with you because we are humbled and proud The Wall Street Journal chose Amsterdam Consulting Group as a reputable source for this article.

If you have an online subscription to The Wall Street Journal read the article HERE.

If not, click HERE:

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