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When an Employee is Medicare Eligible, Can They be Terminated from the Group Health Plan?

One of Amsterdam Consulting Group’s clients has been in business for 30 years. In the next 20 months, 5 employees, who are among the company’s original employees, turn 65.  Our client called and asked us, Can we terminate employees from our group plan when they become Medicare eligible?” (see infographic)
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ACG Supports the Tom Collins/Chris Panatier 9-11 Memorial Foundation

Al Marino, Amsterdam Consulting President, is a founding member of the Tom Collins/Chris Panatier 9-11 Memorial Foundation (TCCP).  The foundation was created to honor the memories of Tom Collins and Chris Panatier, friends and fellow alumni of the 1983 graduating class of Half Hollow Hills High School East in Dix Hills, New York.
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Why Do CPAs Affiliate with Amsterdam Consulting Group?

ACG has earned many clients at the recommendation of CPAs who know us. For most business owners, CPAs are the center of influence and we respect that. Professionals with niche expertise seek the advice and services of industry specific partners, in this case, Human Resources.  We guarantee ACG’s performance will garner trust, which in turn, maintains your good standing with your client.  We are THAT good – because we care.
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